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Webtech Thailand is committed to helping our merchants stay secure and compliant. We undergo rigorous audits, testing, and inspections to maintain the highest level of compliance in the industry. Our talented team of in-house developers, systems engineers and security administrators work to maintain strict security standards at all times.

This document outlines the steps Webtech Thailand takes to secure all merchant and customer data, software and applications, and physical hardware that we utilize to operate our business and secure yours.

Network setup

Webtech Thailand security team takes a proactive approach to protect all data that is housed on and moves through our servers. Our firewalls and servers have both Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to evaluate incoming traffic and protect against harmful actions.

Our systems and security team perform regular updates to all company systems and can respond quickly to any major vulnerability by applying patches. The company’s servers are also hardened using recommended guidelines to increase system security.

Firewalls and IDS / IPS

Webtech Thailand security system includes firewalls with both an Intrusion Detection System and an Intrusion Prevention System to protect against both active and passive threats. The systems monitor network traffic and look for any unusual behavior, abnormal traffic, or malicious coding and prevent exploitation of any potential vulnerabilities.

In addition to inclusion on Webtech Thailand firewalls, all servers in our environment are also required to have IDS and IPS installed locally to detect and warn system administrators of unusual activity and to inspect attack data if it occurs.

System Updates

The servers and networks appliances are regularly updated to ensure all software is up to date. If a major vulnerability is discovered, patches are applied immediately by Webtech Thailand system and security team. Per our compliance, all updates are logged as part of our change-control policies.

Daily Backups
Databases are automatically backed up daily to protect merchants against lost, corrupted, stolen or destroyed data. Backups are performed between data centers, as well as offsite.
Deny-All Policies
Firewalls deployed to our server environments have deny-all policies enabled by default. All connections for inbound and outbound traffic must be approved and added as new firewall rules.
Password Protection
Webtech Thailand uses strict password standard to ensure security. Software settings controlled by Webtech Thailand ensure that passwords are always complex in nature, changed regularly and cannot re-use their previous 13 passwords.
Physical Data Access
Data centers have 24/7 onsite security. Physical access to environments are limited to key personnel, with multi-factor authentication, including biometrics.